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Build:Team - DoA Fast Full Runs

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default Build:Team - DoA Fast Full Runs

Mensaje por sinchan_ el Sáb Ago 23, 2008 12:53 pm

This build uses various skills to provide excellent damage and defense. With the right coordination this can clear faster than Ursan could have before the nerf. It is suggested to use a Essence of Celerity. If you do then replace the IAS on the Para's with something else.

== Eviscerate Warrior ==


**Fortitude Mods.
**Rune of Clarity and -20% Blind SHield.
**+10 Vs. Fire/Lightning shield.
**Longbow for pulls.

'''Your Job'''
*Spike stuff.
*Call Dangerous Hexes.


A '''Moebius Strike''' Assassin with '''Death Blossom''' provides a lot of extra damage, and is a really good option instead of This Warrior.

== Earth Shaker Warrior ==


**Equipment: Same as eviscerate warrior, + stone fist insignia.
**Zealous hammer(Optional).

'''Your Job''':
*Keep stuff on their behinds.

== Cruel Spear ==


**Fortitude mods.
**Clarity Rune on armor.
**Shield with +10 vs. Fire.
**Main shield with -20% blind duration.
**Vampiric SPear(Optional)

'''Your Job''':
*Kill Stuff.
*Spam Lyric and Aria of Zeal to give monks energy.

== SY! Paragon ==


**Same as hte other Paragon.
** Use a R7 15 AL Shield of either Command/Motivation(Adjust points accordingly)

'''Your Job''':

== SoR Necro ==


'''Your Job''':
*Keep up both Dark Fury and Order of Pain.
*Remove hexes constantly
*Keep Great Dwarf Weapon on the Paragons

== Mind Blast Ele ==


**Fortitude Mods.
**Normal Energy Set.
**+15/-1 Wand+Offhand(TO gain energy with MindBlast when energy is low).

'''Your Job''':
*Maintain Splinter on Warriors.
*Deal Damage with Mindblast and Ancestor's.
*Place the ward in a nice location where the Paragon's are.

*You can choose to bring great dwarf weapon instead of you move like a dwarf, or technobabble. If you bring it, let the necro maintain great dwarf weapon on both the para's, and you maintain it on the eviscerate warrior (while using splinter weapon on the eathshaker warrior).

== DH Monk ==


**+5e +30 HP weapon with a shield. With +10 Vs. Fire Recommended.
**Staff with +20% Enchanting Mod and fast Recharge mods for Aegis.
**+15/-1 Energy Wand and offhand.

'''Your job''':
*Keep the SY Paragon clean of dangerous hexes.
*Most dangerous hexes: [[gww:Soothing Images|SI]], [[gww:Blurred Vision|BV]], [[gww:Faintheartedness|FH]], [[gww:Shadow of Fear|SoF]], and [[gww:Spirit Shackles|SS]]. Remove these immediately.
*Have very good communication with your SY Paragon.
*Use Dismiss COndition to remove Blind from the Paragon and Daze from other members.
*If the SY Para is safe from Hexes/Conditions focus on the other physicals but remember the SY Para is TOP Priority.
*If you are a decent monk the rest of the skills are obvious.
*Watching the battlefield helps.
*You use Aegis at the start of the battle. The WoH follows after it has ended.
*Signet of Rejuvenation for some Energy(Lyric of Zeal from Paragon).

== WoH Monk ==


**Same as DH Monk.

'''Your Job''':
*Focus on every character more than the SY Para.
*Remove blind and daze as they come.
*Chain Aegis with the DH Monk.
*Do notworry about removing conditions that give degen. They are quickly re-applied.
*Use Signet of Rejuvenation as a good heal needed. Also gives energy with Lyric of Zeal.
*Seed of Life on allies taking rapid damage.

*'''Cure Hex''': WoH has enough healing power of it's own. You may replace Dwayna's Kiss with this to help with Hexes a little and gives a decent heal.

== Armies and Priorities ==


*Margonite Anur Vu Warrior – Damage, Knockdowns, and Energy Drain
*Margonite Anur Tuk Ranger - Spirits
*Margonite Anur Ki Monk – HB healer
*Margonite Anur Dabi Necromancer – Potential Para shutdown
*Margonite Anur Kaya Mesmer – Energy Fudger
*Margonite Anur Su Elementalist – Lighting with Gale
*Margonite Anur Ruk Dervish – Minor healer
*Margonite Anur Rund Paragon – Bad damager

*1. The Ki’s are the (HB) monks of this army. Great healing capacities so obviously we need to take them down first.
At the start of the battle, the Eviscerate warrior should go to this one, also the Empathic removal paragon should attack him as well as the Elementalist should unleash his spells/skills on this target. High damage from axe and spear, a deep wound, burning and pressure, as well as ‘you move like a dwarf’ should finish this target off quick enough.
*2. The Dabi’s should also be taken care off rather quick. They shut down the paragons, including our main defense, Save Yourselves! With their Vocal Minority.
At the start of the battle, the Earth shaker warrior as well as the SY! Para should go to this target. Once the monk is down, this one should be death soon after (or maybe already death). If the monk is down, and this one not, the Empathic removal Para should help bring this target down.
*3. The Kaya’s are priority nr.3. They Fudge with our energy (especially spirit shackles), thus making them also annoying enemies.
Once the Ki’s are death, the Eviscerate warrior should move to this target. So does the Elementalist. It should also fall quickly. The 2 Para should also move to this one once their initial jobs are done.
*4. While priorities 1-3 could potentially shut the party down, the other Margonites shouldn’t pose a real threat anymore. Nr.4 should therefore be the Tuk. With his QZ spirit he could (although unlikely) screw some E-management up. The Empathic removal para should target this target after the first 3 are taken care of, because the Tuk uses lightning reflexes and the para can end this stance by using wildthrow.
*5. The Su has some annoying KD’s using Gale. So this targets comes after people have taken care of the ranger. His damage shouldn’t pose a threat btw, because SY! Is (hopefully) up all the time.
*6. The Ruk should be targeted now, because he has some (minor) healing. Eviscerate warrior should use deep wound (20% reduction in his healing). And just keep bashing away on him.
*7. The Vu. Not the most dangerous target, and is shut-down already by reckless haste/enfeebling blood/Aegis chain. And of course kiting people.
*8. The Rund. Just not dangerous.

'''Torment Creatures''': a lot of hexes.

*Flesh Tormentor Warrior with prot shouts.
*Spirit Tormentor Degen ranger
*Heart Tormentor Healer
*Soul Tormentor Anti-melee necro
*Mind Tormentor Degen Mesmer with Soothin Images
*Water TormentorSlow down with Blurred Vision
*Sanity TormentorParagon with dazed
*Earth TormentroCondition Dervish

*1. Heart tormentor: the monks of this army. Take it down in order to take down the others. Same people attack this one as did the Margonite Ki (Eviscerate, Empathic and Ele). Should fall down quick enough because doesn’t have great healing capacity (only divine boon).
*2. Mind tormentor: is able to shut down the para’s (with soothing images; no adrenaline means no shouting, no SY is loss of a lot defense). SY para and earthshaker warrior should move to this one immediately.
*3. Water tormentor: Blurred vision can be a pain. Eviscerate should sit on his face after he took care of the Heart tormentor. So does the El.
*4. Soul Tormentor: fainthedartness and shadow of fear can be annoying. Also some pressure by Corrupt Enchant. SY para and Earth shaker move to this one after they killed the Mind tormentor.
*5. Flesh tormentor: his protectors defense and watch yourself aid his party very well.
*6. Sanity Tormentor: if he is able to get daze off, its annoying. Rest is nothing to be afraid of.
*7. Earth Tormentor: Deep wounds can be annoying.
*8. Spirit Tormentor: his degen is countered easily by party heals.

'''Titans''': Blinds

*Misery Titan KD warrior.
*Despair Titan Degen Necro
*Anguish Titan Mesmer
*Rage Titan Nasty Blinders
*Fury Titan AoE madness with death blossom
*Dementia Titan Condition Dervish with Blinds

Take note, if encountering Titans, we should kill them 1 by 1 (when their last form is killed, move to the other forms). We don’t want more than 1 or 2 rage/dementia/fury titans, we only make it ourselves unnecessary hard.
*1. When encountering a Rage titan, it should be killed first. The blind it does is really, really annoying. Everyone should kill same target.
*2. When there are Dementia Titans, they should be killed if no Rage titans are around. Their blinding can be annoying.
*3. When there are no dementia or rage titans, people should kill Fury titans. Their armor ignoring AoE damage can add up.
*4. Despair titans
*5. Anguish titans
*6. Misery titans

When encountering dryders + greater dream riders, kill the dream riders first. The damage from SF shouldn’t be too high with SY up.


*1. Hunger: those nasty touchers, just as gay as touch rangers.
*2. Brute
*3. Fiend
*4. Golem
*5. Horror

The Earth Shaker warrior can shut down a whole group of hungers (who are most dangerous) when they’re in 1 spot, than it’s also easy to have earth shaker charged almost all the time. This is the only important thing. As long as the hungers can't touch you and are on their asses, this army poses no threat. Watch out for the daze of the fiends tho, they have concussion shot so casters should be in frontline (but thats logical).

3. Rezzing: The cruel spear paragon should be the primary rezzer. If he somehow can't do it, the elementalist should take over his job, and otherwise the warriors.

4. Last notes.
*I realize this build needs a bit of coordination. Therefore, maybe it won't be an optimal PuG build. However, seeing as most people already did many runs as ursan, they should have a good amound of XP in this area. Therefore, this can easily work for everyone. Once everyone knows what to do, it's also be very easy to play.

*The route itself is pretty standard and won't be covered in this guide, as I'm sure almost everyone knows where to go and what to do. If not, there are plenty of other guides/wiki to get to know this. Besides that, if played right DoA shouldn't be hard at all. Only tricky part is the cave in Gloom, one tactic to proceed is to let the 2 warriors and the cruel spear para try to block all enemies, that way its harder for anything to reach the SY para (and hexes most probably land on that trio instead of the SY para). Kill fast, know priorities and don't panic. Than this should be easy.

*Also, I've did this many times, but that was NM. HM should be a lot different, I'm not saying it's impossible, but it's harder for example with the 50% miss environment effect.
*Also, consumables are not really needed, but greatly help like always. If there is no essence, make sure to replace drunkenmaster with a real IAS (or play drunk )

*Priorities are important, but if you don't follow them exactly it's not lethal. But in general, you should try to follow them. As the shutdowns you face can seriously cripple the party.

== Variants ==
Consider bring this Assassin (which does more damage than the Eviscerate Warrior anyway Wink)


*'''Golden Fox Strike: Unblockable, Damage
*'''Wild Strike''': Good Against Stygian Fiends
*'''Death Blossom''': Your main Damage (which is AoE)
*'''Moebius Strike''': Synergize with Death Blossom.
*'''Brawling Headbutt''':Awesome Knockdown, use it with Falling Lotus Strike
*'''Falling Lotus Strike''': Good for your energy. Use with Brawling Headbutt
*'''Sight Beyond Sight''': Awesome Blind counter for Foundry.
*'''Flesh of My Flesh''': Nice Rez

== Q/A ==
'''Is it just as effective as ursan?'''
*- Yes. Even more effective since it’s not as fragile. Also, our physicals are easily able to out damage ursan: para's for example can do around 90-100 damage each hit (depending on titles), count an IAS with that, than you know ursans can't do the same.
'''Is there room for other professions?'''
*- Yes. The only profs that are really needed are the 2 monks and the SY para: they are the foundation of the team. However, I’ve figured this set up is theoretically the most effective, so you should always strive to have this exact set up.
'''Is there room for other skills on the bars?'''
*- Most likely not. Every skill has been thought about more than enough to be sure this is most likely the most effective.
'''Why no Healers boon monks?'''
*- Because healers boon can't save dying people since it lacks protection prayer skills. Therefore, it is also not really energy efficient.
'''Do we need 8 human players?'''
*- No, thats not really needed. However, it's recommended that the divert hexes monk is human, as well as the SY para (doh) and the 2 warriors (block hungers in veil). The order is easily ran by heroes, so is the Cruel spear paragon. Probably the mindblast ele too, altho I haven't really tested the updated AI on mindblast. Note that he of course also looses the PvE skills, however he can still have splinter weapon which is the most important.

== Notes ==
*Link to the original post of this build: http://www.guildwarsguru.com/forum/showthread.php?t=10316154

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