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Mensaje por sinchan_ el Vie Sep 05, 2008 10:36 pm

pues nada, me aburria y esta tarde he creado esta build. a ver si la probamos :p

==Assasin Runner== OwZTgY/8ZS6jHRn5usBaCC3hmE


== Surge mesmer == OQBTAUBPQ6EQDIHgF0GEukIICA


- '''Your mission''': Spam cry skills appropriately and energy surge

==Regret mesner== OQBTAUBPQytRDIHgF0GEukIICA


- '''Your mission''': Spam cry skills appropriately and Visions of regret

==Burden mesner== OQBTA0APQiwxDSEgF0GEukIICA


- '''Your mission''': Spam cry skills appropriately. Snare Thommis to avoid him flee. snare healers. Use visages on assassin to leave enemies drained and out of adrenaline

==Pain mesner== OQRTA0BeY6piNgF0GEu0qiIICA


- '''Your mission''': Spam cry skills appropriately. remove enchantments to deal damage and area removal. Xxploit corpses to stop enemies from raising minions



- '''Your mission''': Spam cry skills appropriately. Remove enchantments and spam Clumsiness and Wandering eye on enemies (melee if possible)

==Welldigger necro== OAVVMOiVIjeWCLIPgdqTgPDusqKCA


- '''Your mission''': use SS for AoE damage. Meekness to slow attack rate. Blood ritual on mesmers when needed. Well for degeneration. Verata's aura to steal minions. Due to sacrificing necro and healers must be careful when using skills.

==Frozen ritualist== OAKjghhMpSYbTO4iwlciUbGTXHA


- '''Your mission''': Maintain Frozen Soil. Help the monk by healing and removing conditions. Spam Battle standard to give to all team the chance of half recharge
* Air of Superiority can be changed for Ebon Battle Standard of Courage if casters take too much damage

==Unyielding monk== OwYT043AZ6ioLajoBcT7jAZghA


- '''Your mission''': Keep all team alive

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